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Renard Plus 16


The Renard Plus 16 is a 16 channel controller designed to drive either AC SSRs or DC SSRs.


  • Uses standard Renard protocol
  • 16 channel Renard controller
  • Uses standard RJ45 output jacks
  • Board powered 110v
  • Xbee wireless capable using Dirknerkles Xbee Snap-in board
  • Always running LED status lights
  • Onboard ICSP headers for programming PIC's without having to remove the device
  • PIC Bypass
  • Onboard regulated power supply
  • Can also connect DC SSRs for larger output loads
  • The Renard Plus 16 board can be daisy chained with other Renard boards including most of the DIYC boards using standard RS485 RJ45 connections
  • Can be controlled using software such as Vixen
Supporting Documents and Files

 Renard Plus 16 Assembly Manual v1.00

 Renard Plus Bill of Material (BOM) v1.00

We have put together a Tool Selection Guide that will help people new to this hobby find the most common tools used for building our boards. This guide also covers Soldering and parts identification


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Renard Plus.
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