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Renard Plus Documentation

Renard Plus TR-8/Flex controller1.00
Renard Plus TR-16 controller1.20
Renard Plus TR-24 controller1.00
Renard Plus 16 Assembly Manual1.00
Renard Plus 32 Assembly Manual2.00
Renard Plus LCC16 Assembly Manual2.00
Simple Renard 8 Channel Controller2.00
Simple Renard 32 Channel Controller2.00
Simple Renard RGB+W Assembly Manualv1c
Renard Plus Strip Controller including DCSSRv1.00
Renard Plus DCSSRhcv1.00
Renard Plus AC SSR Family Boards
Strobe Burst Module and Splitter Assembly Manual2a
Wallwart Tamer1d
Renard Plus RF (Wireless) Snapin Adapters1.0
Renard Plus ESP WiFi Pixel Controllerv1.0a

Renard Plus Bill Of Materials (BOM)

 Renard Plus 32 BOM Rev1
 Renard Plus LCC 16 BOM Rev1
 Renard Plus LCC 16 Torpedo BOM Rev1
 Renard Plus RGB DCSSR BOM Rev 1
 Renard Plus DCSSRhc BOM Rev 1
 Renard Plus RGB Strip Controller
 Renard Plus TR16 BOM Rev1
 Renard Plus TR24 BOM Rev1
 Renard Plus TR8 Flex BOM Rev1a
 Renard Plus SSR Snap-In BOM Rev1a
 Renard Plus LSD Snap-In BOM Rev1a
 SB Module BOM Rev 1
 SB Module BOM Rev 2a
 SR 8 BOM Rev 1a
 SR 24-6 BOM Rev 1a
 SR 32 Combo BOM Rev 1b
 SR 32 Combo BOM Rev 2
 SBM Splitter BOM Rev 1
 SR LCC 16 BOM Rev1
 SR RGB+W BOM Rev 1b
 SSR8 Tom Sawyer BOM Rev 1a
 SSR8 Tom Sawyer BOM Rev 1b
 WallWartTamer BOM Rev1
 WallWartTamer BOM ver 1c

Other Documents

 RF Color 2 - GE Color Effects Pixel Controller Guide
 Renard Start Address Configuration Guide
 PIC Programming Guide

Renard Plus.
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